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Package # of apps # of countries # of platforms Consulting hours Updates Yearly license Purchase now
Bronze 1 1 1 $2.5 kUSD Send your Github id to
Silver 1 unlimited unlimited 3 $10 kUSD Send your Github id to
Gold unlimited unlimited unlimited 10 $25 kUSD Send your Github id to
Free unlimited unlimited unlimited Free, limited versions available at
What is a Single Country Lisense?
A single country license allows a single development team to develop and commercially release a product in the same country.
How can I be sure it fits my needs, and my users'?
You can freely build and publish apps using the free versions of the SDKs. If you need to, we can give you a temporary access to the non-limited versions.
What platforms do you offer?
Ispikit is available for iOS, Android, Unity, Cordova and web platforms. See our SDK page for details.
Does pricing depends on the number of users of my apps?
No, your app can have any number of users. However, for the web SDK, if you have a large number of users we'll charge the additional server cost.
When will I be charged again?
Licensing fees are on a yearly basis, your next payment will be due a year after your first purchase.
What is included in the consulting hours?
We can help integrating with your application, and advise on building efficient and engaging applications for your users.
How do I cancel?
You can cancel at any time and you will not be charged for the next year's services. we are unable to offer partial refunds at the moment, so tell us before the new year begins to make sure you aren't charged!
I have more questions
You can reach out to us anytime at