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What is this? The Wespikit widget is based on recent web technologies. It uses parts of the WebRTC stack and Web Audio API which are available on recent versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. More

Ispikit Sample Widget




Ispikit logo, myna bird talking
Welcome to the Ispikit web application for WebRTC

With the Ispikit web application, you can practice and assess your English pronunciation directly in your web browser. This version of Ispikit uses parts of the WebRTC stack. To start using it, you must make sure your configuration is supported, make sure you have a microphone connected, and start reading.

Set up your web browser

You must make sure your web browser can run all WebRTC components required by the Ispikit widget. Recent versions of Google Chrome and Firefox should work.

Set up your microphone

Make sure you have a good microphone connected to your computer. While reading, your environment must be quiete.


Go to the practice app, select a sentence, push the record button and start reading. It's push-to-talk, keep the button pressed until you've finished reading the sentence. You can then listen to your recording by pressing the replay button.

Disclaimer: Ispikit does not endorse the content displayed in this widget.